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Back to School

August 31, 2017 - noonan_admin

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Back to school brings with it the risk of catching coughs/colds/tummy bugs etc. Protect your family by reminding them about the importance of hand washing after using the toilet, before eating and after blowing their noses. Consider hand wipes or sanitiser in your little one’s school bag.

Ensure your kids have a healthy lunch and nutritious meal in the afternoon/evening. Encourage everyone to have a healthy breakfast consisting of carbohydrates such as porridge, whole grain cereals, brown bread and a portion of dairy to promote strong healthy bones e.g. milk on cereal,glass of mik, low sugar/low fat yoghurt and maybe a piece of fruit. For the picky eaters, specially those who are not morning eaters, a fresh homemade smoothie packed with fresh fruit/veg, milk and oats can be a great way to set them up for a busy day at school.

Try to find time to eat as a family and discuss the day with your kids. You never know what you might learn over a meal that otherwise you may not ever hear. Encourage open conversation, especially with your teens around friends/bullying/peer pressure.
Ensure no mobile phones/tablets or TV interfere with this family time.

Finally, early to bed ….. Promotes better health and concentration. Ensure “screen free time” for adults and children alike to create a positive environment for refreshing sleep. Did you know the light emitted from a mobile phone charging in a room can negatively impact on sleep? TIP: Face the screen down into the surface of the locker or bedside table if you must bring a phone to bed and NEVER charge a phone on a soft surface such as a mattress, pillow, duvet etc as this poses a serious fire hazard.

If you have concerns regarding your child or teen’s health or wellbeing please make an appointment to see us.

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