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New Patients

New patients are welcome to the practice. We ask you to fill out a registration form including basic information and medical issues.

All new babies must be registered before their first visit to the practice. Once you have had your baby please call us to provide the baby’s name and date of birth to create their own file. Also ensure that they are registered for free under 6s GP care as soon as possible. Failure to do so will mean that private patient fees apply.

You will be offered an appointment with the Nurse and a Doctor on your first visit.
Please inform us of all to your medical problems and bring an up to date list of medication/medicines in their original boxes in order for us to accurately create a patient file. Feel free to bring a family member with you if you need assistance.

Unless your Medical Card / GP visit card is registered to the Practice you will be liable to pay full private patient fees for consultations

We can arrange for transfer of your medical notes to us from another GP practice and sign the form for transfer of your medical card should you wish.

We also offer once off appointments for special services such as mirena insertion/removal, implanon insertion/removal.

We can see visitors to the area who hold a valid NHS card or European Health Insurance Card for an emergency consultation.